L-BUS Control System

The LTECH control system supports RF control and WiFi control. Gateway matches to the router, can APP control via the internet. You can use 4G and WiFi signal to control the LED lights even though are not at home. Support Amazon Echo voice control and Bluetooth APP control.

L-BUS typically refers to a specific control bus or protocol used for communication and control within lighting control systems. This bus is commonly utilized to interconnect various lighting fixtures, dimmers, controllers, and other smart devices. Facilitating centralized control, adjustment, and monitoring. L-BUS can involve a proprietary communication protocol or be based on existing communication technologies.

Through L-BUS, users can manage the entire lighting system, including brightness, color, and scene settings, via a central control system or device. This type of system often offers higher levels of automation, enhancing energy efficiency and providing users with a more flexible lighting experience.

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