DMX512 Decoder RDM LED Controller

LTECH CV DMX 512 decoder has OLED display, digital display, and DIP switch functions.
RDM with parameters browsing and setting. DMX512 with address setting and equipment recognition.
Work with WiFi-RDM01, firmware upgrade through remote programming operations.

Multi Channel Control: DMX 512 decoder can simultaneously control multiple light channels, such as RGB color changing lights. Enabling complex lighting effects and stage arrangements.
Precise Control: DMX signals allow for precise control over the brightness, color, and effects of each light channel, creating various scenes and atmospheres.
Remote Control: Through DMX signal, users can remotely control LED lights on the stage or from other locations, eliminating the need for direct access to each device.
Scalability: By expanding the DMX signal chain and XLR connectors, users can connect additional lighting devices, creating larger-scale lighting effects.

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