LED Controller

LED Dimmer Switch: Mainly used for single color LED lights, such as white LED lights, and red, green, and blue light. Usually connect red wire to V+, and black wire to V-, then you can dim the brightness, and turn on/off the lighting.

3 Way Dimmer Switch: Apply for color temperature CCT lighting, can adjust the white from 2700K to 6500k, easy to get the suitable atmosphere.

RGB Controller: Works with color changing LED lights, the LED controller can show any color you want, and the lighting fixture can smoothly colour switch.

DMX controller: Lighting Control at Your Fingertips. Link to DMX master, more stable than any other controllers. A sophisticated and powerful tool, meticulously engineered to manage lighting fixtures across diverse settings. DMX, short for Digital Multiplex. It is a widely used communication protocol in the entertainment and architectural lighting industry. DMX dmx light controller allows precise and dynamic control over lighting fixtures. Enabling users to create captivating and synchronized lighting displays for concerts, theaters, events, and architectural installations.

Pixel Controller: The key for Creative Lighting Effects. It is an innovative device specifically designed for controlling addressable LED strip. ARGB controller empowers users with unprecedented capabilities to create stunning dynamic lighting effects. Thus crafting unforgettable visual experiences at concerts, stage performances, architectural decorations, and various events.

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